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Domaine Jaquiery is mostly known as a specialist in making wines. But, it is so much more than that. It was founded back in 1999 by Erin Bolton, a native from the North Island town of Tauranga.

Bolton grew up near a vineyard owned by her grandfather who was known as a wine artisan in their community. At the age of 10, Bolton could name all the essential ingredients on how to make wine. She also knew how to take care of a vineyard during different seasons.

Winemaking was in her blood and she decided to make a living out of it. In 1997, Bolton and her family moved to Wanaka in South Island. There, they bought a land big enough to build a home and a vineyard. Bolton tended to the vineyard herself, day and night.

In 1999, she registered a family business that produces local wine made with ingredients from their vineyard.


Fast forward to 2005, Boltonwas able to purchase more lands she can convert into vineyards. Their signature Pinot Noir was a favourite in the entire town of Wanaka. In 2005, the business was boomingand other towns and cities started to notice.

Bolton then expanded their services adding wine tours for international visitors and teaching them how to make wine. By the last quarter of 2005, Domaine Jaquiery was featured in three lifestyle magazines in Auckland.Their wine products then made its way to Auckland and Christchurch.


After a decade, Domaine Jaquierydecided to take their business online. Ditching traditional marketing means, Bolton hired professionals to form a creative and marketing team for Domaine Jaquiery. In March 2015, their retail website was launched.

With that of course, the business added delivery and shipping to its services. Back then, people could have the best products delivered right at their front door.The company also partnered with other wineries and vineyards to sell their products on the website.

Domain Jaquiery became an online one-stop-shop for all wine needs.


Today, Domain Jaquiery is a retail powerhouse with its marketing sectors that provides creative and advertising services to dozens of businesses in the country.

To learn more about our many services, make sure to subscribe to our blog or weekly newsletter. If you want to do business with us on the other hand, you can connect with us at info@domainejaquiery.co.nz or visit our contact page.