If you are in the mood for some fun at a casino, you can do so, right here in Wanaka. The casino scene in Wanaka is not that massive compared to other cities but it does have its perks. Here are some gambling and casino tips when you are here in Wanaka for some wine tasting.

Limited Casinos

Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka casino - Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka

There are only three casinos in Wanaka, Water Bar Wanaka, Fitzpatricks Irish Pub and Wanaka Bullock Bar. You can play a couple of casino games in these establishments and you also get to enjoy some of the best alcoholic beverages while doing so.

These places tend to be packed during the weekend with many locals out for the night. So, believe it or not, some of the residents hold their mini casinos. Some would set up a table, pull out some cards and play Poker.

Online betting is also a big deal here in Wanaka. Since there aren’t many casinos, people tend to use online casinos for their gambling needs.


Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka queensland - Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka

If you don’t mind driving for an hour, you can visit Queenstown for quite the casino experience. There, you’ll have two SKYCITY casinos waiting for you. One is located at Steamer Wharf while the other is at Stratton House.

The one in Wharf is a boutique casino meaning it is smaller. The one located in Stratton, on the other hand, is mainly for gambling and entertainment. There are more activities to do there.But you can’t go wrong with both as they both offer a lot of casino games you can enjoy.

There aren’t many casinos in Wanaka and even near the town. But Queenstown pretty much makes up for most of it.

Go Online Gambling

Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka online gambling - Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka

If you don’t feel like driving, you can just stay in your hotel room after a day of wine tasting and enjoy all the casino games you want using your smartphone. There are hundreds of online casino website you can visit right now.

All you need is a smartphone, a laptop and of course, an internet connection. With Online Casino, you have the advantage of playing whenever and wherever you like. The online casino trend has taken over the global gambling industry,

These days, people can even play at live online casinos wherein they get to play real-time and with real dealers. Online casinos also allowed travellers to play their favourite casino games at their leisure.

Think about it, while you are in Wanaka in the middle of a wine tour, you can just simply pull out your phone and go gambling. But we urge you to save the gambling later in the day because you are not going to want to miss a minute of your wine tasting tour.

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Best Casino Tips when Wine Tasting in Wanaka