Winemaking in New Zealand is an art. The country is known for its amazing Pinot Noir, Sparkling Wines and Riesling. New Zealand’s wine industry was worth over $2 billion back in 2014 and that has doubled since then.

There are hundreds of wineries and thousands of winemakers. Here is a brief but informative introduction to winemaking in New Zealand.

Fresh Ingredients

Most wineries here in New Zealand use fresh ingredients right from their vineyards. Winemakers rarely order ingredients from somewhere else. Wines here in the country are always fresh when served.

How to make wine

Most winemakers follow the common steps in winemaking. Everything starts with harvesting the ingredients. Followed by the crushing and then fermentation. Next will be clarification and finally, ageing and bottling.

It may seem simple at first, but New Zealanders do more than that. They know how to fully extract everything to make sure no ounce of ingredients is wasted. Kiwis also tend to be perfectionists during the fermentation and maturing phase.

They have different methods when it comes to bottling varieties of wines. We all know that wine is much better when it ages. However, New Zealanders know these timelines and can fully determine the best time to serve and duration to age a bottle of wine.

Everything comes down of course to the ingredients and the execution of the fermentation.

Short History of Winemaking in New Zealand

There isn’t much documentation to fully pinpoint the exact date of wine introduction in the country. However, it is well known that back in 1819, Marsden introduced the grapevine. In 1833, the wine was produced in Waitangi estate.

It is always a delight to learn something new about wine.

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Introduction to Winemaking Here in New Zealand